Our teams in the local offices have the experience
and expertise to assist you in all processes related to your network:

Site Acquisition
Given a search ring or a delimited area where you are interested in placing a site, we take care to explore the area, get candidates, negotiate with them and sign a ground lease

Leasing space
We rent space on our sites at the heights necessary for you to optimize your network. Site rent includes space on the tower for your antennas and a platform on the floor for your radio-frequency equipment

We have a team with relationships and contacts in the different municipalities, with experience in handling and accelerating the permitting process

We frequently visit, perform structural studies and do infrastructure work to ensure the site is in optimum condition

We often work with contractors and manage the process of building sites to our client's specifications

Site Management
We process and administer all aspects of the property, from recurring payments and compliance with contracts to renewal negotiations and extensions of the site